1. Morocco Switches on World’s Largest Solar Plant – The first part of a 580MW facility was powered on by the King on Feb 4

2. Mr Shkreli Goes to Washington – Wall St bad boy Martin Shkreli testifies before Congress, or doesn’t.

3. Tips on Reducing Telecom Bills From the Experts – Two brothers open a business I have long pondered.

4. Google’s DeepMind will Battle Go Champ Live – Google’s AI challenges top Go player live, scheduled for Feb 11.

1. Forget the Tech Bubble. It’s The Biotech Bubble You Should Worry About – From last year, but still good.

2. Ford to Exit Japan, Citing its Closed Market – All imported brands combined account for less than 6% of Japan’s new car market.

3. Silicon Valley’s $585 Billion Problem – A crop of recent tech IPOs have fallen far below their public offering price.

4. Norway’s Largest Bank Calls for End of Cash – The Nordic countries are the furthest along the road to phasing out physical cash.

5. Your Life is Tetris. Stop Playing it Like Chess – One of the best posts I’ve read on Medium, only takes 7 min to read!

1. Always Bet on Text – Good old fashioned text beats out all the newer media formats by a long shot.

2. Beating Video Poker – Two men figure out a bug in video poker machines. Quite a ride.

3. Porsche: The Hedge Fund That Also Made Cars – The story of how Porsche tried to buy out VW.

4. Fiat CEO: Don’t Buy My Car – The CEO of Fiat (owner of Chrysler) doesn’t want you to buy his electric car.

5. Burger King Pays $20/h in Denmark – Full time hours and a respectable wage. Denmark is a classy place.

1. Why Peak Oil Predictions Haven’t Come True – Peak oil is almost as old as the discovery of oil itself. And it will always be right around the corner.

2. Median Lifetime Earnings by College Major – The top 9 are engineering majors, followed by computer science.

3. Confessions of a Former Internet Troll – I fancy myself a troll, but anyone who joins a group for it is pretty lame.

4. Japan’s Top Day Trader – An interesting story about a day trader in Japan. He used to play Ultima Online!

5. Bitcoin Hashing with Pencil and Paper – Its possible to mine Bitcoins by hand!

1. The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious – Its always been my least favorite apple. Now I know I’m not alone.

2. Retirees struggling with Student Debt – 33K seniors had their SS checks garnished in 2013 to pay student loan debt.

3. Women With Missing Cerebellum – A 24 yr old woman is functional despite missing an important part of her brain.

4. The Revenge of the Circulating Fan – Regarded as obsolete, the humble fan makes a great cooling option combined with AC.

5. Genetic Testing Leads to Divorce – A son buys a genetic testing kit for his parents and discovers a half brother.

1. Vintage Slot Machine Finally Pays Off –  Someone finally hit the jackpot on the Lion’s Share at MGM. I’ve eyed this machine for years.

2. The Hedge Fund and the Despot – The story of how Mugabe maintained power despite hyperinflation and a lost election. The secret was a US hedge fund.

3. Why I’m Not Telling my Son He’s Smart – Salman Khan from Khan Academy explains the difference between growth and fixed mindsets towards intelligence.

4. Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Humanity? – Five good reasons why it may not.

5. What do Wanna-Be Jihadists Order on Amazon? – Apparently, its Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies.