Useful Programs


TeamViewer – Remotely access computers. Useful for personal use and tech support.

Calibre – Manage ebook collections and convert between formats.

VLC Media Player – Simple media player that just works.

FileZilla – Free, simple FTP client.

7zip – Compress and extract files.

qBittorent – BitTorrent client.

FireFox Developer Edition – Nice alt browser to Chrome

f.lux – Monitor blue light dimmer. I can’t stand staring a monitor without this now.

Open Broadcaster Software – Opensource streaming program.

Private Internet Access – Easy to use VPN. Only $60 for 2 years.


LibreOffice – Free, full office suite.

GIMP – Free photo editing suite.

NotePad++ – Source editor and notepad replacement for Windows.


CCleaner – Tool for cleaning Windows computers.